Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Salad, Please

I'm really getting into this whole warm-weather-salad-for-lunch-dinner-and-tomorrow's-lunch-again thing.

Look: this was the beautiful beginning of a chorizo and chargrilled vegetable couscous salad also served last weekend in the sunshine:

I mixed the grilled ingredients with some couscous steeped in chicken stock and some Moroccan ras-el-hanout, (following the Moorish theme from the previous post) then served with a tuna, haricot vert and chickpea salad tossed in a coarse grain mustard and balsamic dressing, and a nice crunchy endive, rocket and tomato salad on the side. We had some homemade guacamole and some gorgeous olives from the local Turkish shop to complete our happy table.

Yum. Hooray for the summer and with it, the end of that daily craving for chips and soups and pies and all kinds of sweet comfort foods to get through those long nights. No, more greenery for me henceforth. This is when my heart really sings.

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