Monday, June 6, 2011


This is a short post, which will cover the following points, very briefly:

1. Our new neighbourhood is, as suspected, awesome.
2. Proximity to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and the bars under the arches near Vauxhall station mean that we can refer to the vicinity as "VoHo", which tickled me when I read it.
3. Despite leaving leafy Streatham Hill's suburban enclaves, we do have a really cute garden with a pergola (not a pagoda, as the Mister told his mum on the phone).
4. Weekends currently feel like we're on holiday somewhere in the Algarve (see below - our first meal at one of the many cafes lining out street).

5. I can now leave my house at 9am and get to work on time.
6. I am considerably happy.

More to follow!


  1. It makes me feel exactly the way I feel when I'm actually in the city, and its bittersweet, because I can imagine how great the city...The city in winter is rich with the bittersweet nuance and somber beauty of the once

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  2. Thanks for that Tom. I think! :) Hope you enjoy reading.